Why Prop-Tech is necessary for the rental sector

Hey Landlord!

How we communicate in our personal and professional lives is developing at lightning speed. Every day we interact within a web of personal & professional, local & global, and social & virtual networks. Technology is evolving to simplify and streamline these interactions and in turn it facilitates two fundamental factors: productivity and relationships.

Since technology touches every aspect of our daily lives, it makes perfect sense for the property and rental markets to keep up with the times and the growing prop-tech sector. Contact between a landlord and tenant is necessary during the rental of a home and it is HeyLandlord’s goal to modernise this community to simply make renting simple.

Research conducted by PWC tells us that over half of the workforce in 2020 will be millennials. Glued to a smart phone and juggling multiple conversations and projects at once, the new wave of tenants are used to instant, interactive and 24/7 communication.  In fact they need to interconnect like this in order to keep up with the fast-paced demands of modern life.

Given that the new generation of renters are familiar with seamless communication it comes as no surprise that tenant perceptions and requirements are moving away from more traditional rental communication methods. After all, tech-users want to solve tasks with the click of a button and expect answers and solutions immediately.

Landlords need to adapt and react to the new climate. Introducing digital tools into the rental journey will mean that landlords engage better with tenants and improved interaction and relationships can contribute to longer occupancies.

Keeping everyone in the loop, making information transparent, and speeding up response times will not only boost trust between landlords and tenants but also help leaky taps get fixed sooner meaning happy landlords and happy tenants.

Progress in technology, like communication, is adopted when it can easily slot into the way we interact. This is at the heart of HeyLandlord’s ethos.  We want all parties in a tenancy to save precious time and avoid hassle, and we are working to make the process as user-friendly as possible.

At HeyLandlord we genuinely listen to our trusted community of users. Your feedback on the future of technology and communication in the rental market is important, and will help us create the product that makes your rental business simpler, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy Renting !



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