Say Hey to the HeyLandlord ChatBot! 🤖

Hey Landlords!

As you may be aware we have recently deployed the first version of our ChatBot, built on Artificial Intelligence. I thought it necessary to provide a little context on ChatBot’s in general, and explain how we see our ChatBot evolving, and revolutionising property management.

We haven’t just deployed our ChatBot without doing our research. HeyLandlord has been around almost 1 year, and in this period, a great deal of my personal time has been building relationships with our community of users, who will always be the experts. Through our research and feedback, we have highlighted many pain-points in Property Management that we seek to solve. One of these major ones was simple:

Repetitive Questions from Tenants

It is obvious as to why such questions are an annoyance for Property Managers:

  • Answering them takes time
  • They distract you from the important tasks at hand
  • Every answer relative to that property will be the same

There is a common pattern to the types of questions asked, specific to every unique property/building. As tenants to a property come and go, new tenants will no doubt ask the same questions previous tenants asked. We estimate that at least 40% of the total questions asked by new tenants, would have been asked by the previous tenants, and our ChatBot will answer them, without your property manager needing to do a thing.

Our ChatBot allows property managers to add and allocate these frequently asked questions to their properties, and input specific answers to each question. If a tenant asks one of these questions in our App, they will receive an answer immediately, 24/7. This will help in many ways:

  • Reduce admin and cost of management
  • Help managers focus on what really matters
  • Improve staff satisfaction by eliminating the mundane tenant queries
  • Boost tenant satisfaction, with immediate answers

Some examples of the type of questions you may like to add to our ChatBot are:

  • Where is the electric meter?
  • When is bin day?
  • How do I pay rent?
  • Can I hang pictures?

Our ChatBot is built on Artificial Intelligence, so is constantly learning. As time progresses, she will learn the multitude of different synonyms used to ask the same question, and always provide the correct answer.

Questions and Answers can be customised, added and deleted at any time, as simply as writing/deleting words on a word document. Our ChatBot is immediately responsive, so if you change an answer, the tenant will instantly see that new answer if they ask a question.

We have also integrated our ChatBot so you have the choice to use her or not. To start using, simply add the questions and answers. To never use, just don’t add any questions. To stop using, just delete them!

Please do give our ChatBot a try, and provide us with as much feedback as possible. We have big plans for where we are going to take this technology, and we’d love for you to actively be part of its development!

More exciting developments on the horizon!

All the best,


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